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Pension prepayment December 2021 Italian Post Office: calendar from November 25.

Poste Italiane announces that December pensions, including the 13th, will be credited from Thursday 25 November to holders of a savings book, BancoPosta or Postepay Evolution account. Postamat, Carta Libretto or Postepay Evolution card holders will be able to withdraw cash from 138 Postamat ATMs, without having to go to the counter.

In continuation to what has been accomplished so far and with a view to avoiding agglomerations, pensions will be paid in cash according to the following alphabetical shifts which may vary according to the number of days the reference post office is open:

So, the nicknames:

From A to B Thursday 25 November

From C to D Friday 26 November

From E to K on the morning of Saturday 27 November

From L to O Monday 29 November

From P to R Tuesday 30 November

From S to Z Wednesday, December 1st.

Poste Italiane also states that citizens aged 75 or over who receive Social Security benefits at post offices and who usually receive their pension in cash, can request and authorize the Carabinieri to collect the pension, to deliver the pension at home.

Pension prepayment methods are of a precautionary nature and were introduced with the primary objective of ensuring the protection of the health of Poste Italiane’s employees and customers. It is necessary to wear a protective mask, to enter the post office only at the exit of the previous customer and to maintain a distance of at least one meter, both while waiting outside and in rooms open to the public.

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Poste Italiane also reminds you that at authorized post offices in the Province of Cosenza it is possible to book your shift at the counter via WhatsApp. Ordering an electronic ticket in this way is very simple: just save the number 3715003715 on your smartphone and follow the instructions for booking a ticket. For offices that are enabled to book on WhatsApp, the ability to book your shift at the counter has also been reactivated remotely directly from a smartphone and tablet using the “Post Office” application or from a computer by connecting to the website, without the need to register .

To find out more about offices authorized to book tickets remotely and for more information, you can refer to the website Or call the toll-free number 800 00 33 22.

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