People with trauma, damaged cars and homes

A violent hailstorm hit in the Locarno region, in the canton of Ticino. on Friday evening Aug 25th. Cold grains in some cases apricot size (photo), and damaged cars, people and some buildings. particularly affected areas Locarno and Luzon The large grains damaged many cars and some buildings.
In Locarno, some people who were in the Rotunda had to seek help from health workers in a hospital Memorizes (Ambulance Service of Lucarne and the Valleys) because of the shock caused by the hail that had struck them. had immediately, but to None require transportation to the hospital.
In Lusoni, hailstones hit skylights on the roofs of municipal schools, and cars were also damaged in Locarno. Ascona, Minusio and Tenero.
A second wave of bad weather is expected on Saturday which may also affect the Varese region. Brialpine Geophysical Centre On Saturday, Sunday and Monday, it announces “turbulence in the Atlantic Ocean, fueled by a vortex, an atmospheric depression over the British Isles.” The thermal contrast with the hot and humid air found in the Po Valley could fuel severe storms that will cross northern Italy between Saturday evening and Monday, with a sharp drop in temperatures from Sunday.

The extreme heat is numbered: rain is on the way and temperatures drop sharply


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