Plans, iCloud, Apple Music... Apple affected by global blackout

If you had trouble accessing various Apple services on the evening of Monday, March 21, you’re not alone. Apple Music, the Apple Store, iCloud, iMessage, or even Maps are showing error messages from 6:30 p.m. to many users in several European countries, including France and the United States, revealing that BFM Monday, March 21. Several users reported usage issues on Twitter.

Radio, podcast and television applications were also affected. Apple’s official page Listed 23 outages as of 7:15 p.m., reports 20 minutes. But it was resolved fairly quickly for all Apple services. At nine in the evening, everything seemed to be going well.

The company’s internal systems have been affected

at Tweet UNAmerican journalist Mark Gorman noted that the company’s internal systems were also affected by technical difficulties, particularly sales software. At Apple Stores, online repairs, replacements, or refunds for products ordered were limited to a few hours.

Apple brand confirmed malfunctions. according to Bloomberg, Apple explained to its employees that the outage was due to problems with the DNS of the Domain Name System. According to the US media, this type of failure occurs when the server fails to communicate with an IP address.

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