Qatargate, this is the Tangentopoli judge in the European Union

Brussels trembles after the outbreak of what has already been called Qatargate, and the spotlight is not only on the main figures involved, but also on the judge Michael Cleese Which, after hearing the first testimonies, will have to pronounce tomorrow on the validation of the arrest.

Claes, Justice of the Peace of Tangentopoli

Lawyer for more than twenty years, then became The investigative judgeMichel Cleese is 66 years old and has a respectable career. Claise’s job is to track financial crimes and his magnifying glass didn’t even stop in front of the European Parliament. Judge Cleese is behind the investigations, which began in July, which revealed the dynamics of Qatargate, with Qatar bribes reaching the pockets of MEPs and officials.

Combat corruption It is the specialty of Michel Cleese, who is well known in Brussels. In his spare time, Judge enjoys writing crime novels, while being highly regarded in the workplace. Many of the cases he followed are known in Belgium.

months of investigations

between the Queries The most famous was played by Claes, flautist and secretary of the musical council of the French-speaking community in Belgium, who ended up in the dock for a series of unaccounted expenses. When the case was closed, Dumortier had no choice but to resign. In 2011, then, the conviction for forgery and fraud.

The Belgian-Dutch group Fortis was also targeted by Judge Cleese to investigate insider trading. At the beginning of 2000, the judge also dealt with the Belgolaise Bank on charges of money laundering. The outright investigation ended with the issuance of an arrest warrant for a former minister of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

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there is no discount

It is said that Michel Cleese is a hard-headed person, one who does not give in, not even Belgium, his country, is spared from his harsh rule. And recently, speaking delicately of Belgium, he said that the country “Not at all Base“.


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