The Democratic mayor offers tickets (one way) to force them to leave –

NEW YORK – First, the anger toward the Southern Republican governors, Greg Abbott of Texas and Ron DeSantis of Florida, who… They sent lines of buses full of immigrants to New York. Then disagreements with the president BidenHe accused his party colleague of failing to mobilize federal aid for the migrant emergency in the largest US city. in the end Panic over the influx of asylum seekers – 130,000 arrivals last year – which the big city can no longer handle.. And now, the desperate attempt to Convincing new arrivals to go somewhere else by offering plane tickets (one way) To any global destination they like.

When the number of arrivals suddenly doubled last winter, the mayor of New York, eric Adams, Already struggling to find housing for the city’s homeless, it tried to open new municipal shelters and set up large tents on Randall’s Island and other urban parks. Even this was not enough, so Adams began an increasingly harsh campaign to push the immigrants toward other shores. Offer a ticket to any destination — even Australia, South Africa or Polynesiaassuming those states accept it — comes after mounting outbursts that led to the Democratic mayor being accused by progressives of moral insensitivity and violating a law that requires the city to provide a roof to anyone who needs one.

Adams responded that the rule was unenforceable in the current state of emergency and asked the New York State Supreme Court to suspend it. Then he said to Asylum seekers who are still arriving at a rate of 4,000 per week have no longer room for them in New York: The shelter system, which houses about 50,000 displaced people, has been doubled, but it is not enough. There’s no more room: The only spaces are created by asking those given a bed at the shelter to leave after 30 days.

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To those desperate people wandering aimlessly from one crowded reception center to another, Adams offers no hope: prepare to sleep on the sidewalks with the arrival of winter or leave the city .

The new aid center in Manhattan’s East Village to which refugees are directed is actually a travel office that issues airline tickets. Most refuse and prefer to wait in the city To have their asylum application examined. But there are also those who go, angry, to seek their fortune elsewhere: they are expelled Travel tickets to Morocco, Colombia and other countries in the Union, such as Michigan. The progressive city is divided: Liberals support welcoming Adams and accuse him of cynicism, but a growing population demands a halt to a wave of arrivals that the city cannot support.

The city’s African-American mayor, a practical Democrat, responds dryly to progressives: “Today in New York there are two schools of thought. One of them claims that everyone is free to travel the world and come to New York. We are obligated to take care of them as much as they want: food, shelter, medical care, clothing, laundry, psychological assistance. All at the expense of our taxpayers. The other school claims this is not sustainable.”


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