Liverpool - Real : Madrid rejoint Chelsea en demies, le résumé de la rencontre

23:40 – After the Reds, the time has come for Real Madrid, led by Zidane

Real Madrid no longer need to shine to win. Perhaps this is what makes it so dangerous. On Wednesday evening, Liverpool fell in the face of a true collective power. When Toni Crosse isn’t around to handle his caviar on the go, Benzema isn’t as present in the face of goal as he’s been for years, and then there’s Thibaut Courtois who turns into a lifesaver. Although the past thrives on regret, sometimes you have to look behind you, too. Liverpool players will have the opportunity to do so, and if they do, they will bitterly tell themselves that it was possible.

In the first moments, they shot Merengue, and precisely the Reds could turn that qualification over to their side. Because when Salah wasted the century’s chance against Courtois in the first five minutes, the match would have taken on another meaning. Yet the Real Madrid goalkeeper was brilliant when his team-mates needed him most. Once on Salah and then again at the highest level after a shot from Milner. Then, when the pressure eased, Real Madrid dictated their “rhythm” as Ferland Mendy rightly indicated at the end of the match.

The Reds had a lot of chances but they missed the goal. Real Madrid are back without the Ramos-Varane joint, but the mass that forms at each defensive stage makes them the best defense out of the last four title contenders. And if Benzema, the silence on the way out and back against Liverpool, begins to score … the Blues are warned: Zidane and his family are still hungry for victories.

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23:10 – we know all of the qualifiers

This Wednesday, we now know all the clubs that qualified for the Champions League semi-finals. With this result, Real Madrid qualify for the last four against Chelsea. In the other match this evening, Manchester City beat Borussia Dortmund 2-1 and will face Paris Saint-Germain within two weeks.

23:03 – Mindy: “We handled it well”

Ferland Mindy said he’s satisfied with qualifying for the RMC Sport microphone. “We are in good shape at the moment, he trusts. We did not come to win but we are very happy that we qualified. We knew that they would pressure us in the first 15 minutes but we did well and then set our pace so that we did not take a goal. It was done. We are happy.”

22:53 – Done!

is over ! Finally there is no goal in this Liverpool – Real Madrid! This 0-0 score allows two coaches to qualify for the semi-finals Champions League ! Real Madrid will face Chelsea within two weeks.

22:49 – 4 minutes of extra time

There will be 4 minutes of extra time in Liverpool – Real Madrid! That would be very fair to the Reds …

22:46 – Liverpool is still trying!

It seems that the Reds are not able to deal with Real Madrid’s defense that is not exhausted! Liverpool players are still trying to believe this but Courtois has little to do. Carrots are cooked …

22:41 – Mane and Firmino leave for Liverpool

Jurgen Klopp appears to have resigned less than 10 minutes before the end. Sadio Mane and Roberto Firmino were replaced by Oaks Chamberlain and Shaqiri. In Madrid, Isco takes the place of Asensio.

22:38 – What a chance for Benzema!

It was the match point! On a cross from Ferland Mindy, Benzema is everything! But the Frenchman completely misses his head touching the ground before he passes over Allison’s bar! 0-0 is still in this Liverpool – Real Madrid.

22:31 – double change for Real Madrid

Around twenty minutes remain in Liverpool – Real Madrid and Zinedine Zidane chose to make a double change. Kroos was replaced by Odriozola and Vinicius gave way to Rodrigo. Valverde climbs a little and regains his position in midfield.

22:28 – Jota Chance!

Served well by Robertson, Diogo Guetta gets rid of his opponent with nicely directed control, advances into the area and then hits! But she is in the small external network of Cortua!

22:24 – Great exit from Alison!

On a very long ball from Valverde, Vinicius is found deep in Liverpool’s defense … the Brazilian controls the ball a bit and sees Alison appear at his feet and push the ball away. At the back, Benzema is present, but the Reds goalkeeper has continued his race to remove the danger once and for all!

22:17 – double change and tactical change for Liverpool!

Jürgen Klopp risks making this double change: Kabak leaves … Diogo Jota while Milner gives way to Thiago Alcantara! Fabinho will retreat a little to take the place of Capac. Liverpool now plays number 9. We spent the 60th minute in Liverpool – Real Madrid.

22:15 – Firmino’s blow flies away!

Firmino tried his hand with the shot as the Brazilian had space in front of goal. There aren’t many other possibilities for him but his shot goes way beyond the top!

22:12 – low tempo

One might think so, but in the end, the pace of the start of the second half is not as intense as the first half. We feel both teams can score for every occasion! Defenses are quickly damaged.

22:06 – Stop by already for Cortua!

Indeed, the premiere of Tebot Courtois in this second period! In the first offensive move, Firmino returned to the goal to hit the near post … but the Belgian goalkeeper rejected him!


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