Rover replicas coming soon at the Cité de l'espace

The Cité de l’espace will open soon the immersive “Martian Terrain” animation. To discover in particular: life-size replicas of, and in action, rovers searching for traces of life on Mars.

Journey to one of the craters of the red planet, as if you were there. From April 5, exploration of Mars will be accessible to all thanks to the immersive “Martian Terrain” animation presented by the Cité de l’espace in Toulouse.

In this 900-square-meter crater, where Martian soil and rock intersect symmetrically, Perseverance and Zhurong will wander. Two life-size versions of the US and Chinese rover vehicles are currently being explored on the fourth planet in the solar system.

This equipment was designed and developed with scientific experts from the French Space Agency, and IRAP, the Research Institute for Astrophysics and Planets. Every detail is important to make the immersion as real as possible, and to represent the best way for the two robots to move on the surface of Mars.

In 2012, a first spacecraft called Curiosity took pictures of Mount Merco on Mars. Christophe Chavardon, Director of Education, Science and Culture at the Cité de l’Espace explains. The center was heavily inspired by it due to its life-size stadium. With the support of scientists and a team of astronomers who sent various robots to the planet, “We analyzed the colors, patterns, the dimensions of the coasts, the rocks…” Detail with glorification of Christophe Schaffardon.

To create this project, sculptors, painters, and craftsmen worked alongside scientists to reproduce the terrain of Mars as faithfully as possible. This global project required two years of work, and an investment of 1.3 million. “Our partnerships covered 30% of the amountSays the Director of Education, Science and Culture.

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This immersive animation will live in real time with the discoveries made by the two roving vehicles. “We want to forget we’re on Earth. We’re on Mars, and see what’s currently happening on Earth”Christophe Shavardon confirms. Facilitators will come to explain the new discoveries made during the next ten years of exploration.

experience in “world in between” To the rhythm of current events and scientific discoveries.

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