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Former President of the French Republic, Nicolas Sarkozy, was today sentenced to one year in prison without parole on charges of “illicit financing” of his 2012 election campaign, in the so-called case of fake “Pygmalion” bills. The court specified that “the penalty will be applied and executed on the basis of electronic monitoring systemThe former president, 66, no matter what almost certain appeal his lawyers would file, So don’t go to jail. The prosecution demanded a year in prison, and Sarkozy was not present in the courtroom when the verdict was read.

Caroline Feige, presiding judge of the court, outlined the alleged facts for “one of them.” Unprecedented attractionStressing that Sarkozy, along with the other 14 defendants, “continued to organize rallies, allowed new shows, arranged expenditures and voluntarily omitted, as a candidate, to exercise control over expenditures.” And he was already sentenced last March to 3 years in prison (one without parole) on charges of corruption and trading in influence in the “eavesdropping” case, and the former president has appealed this ruling.

Sarkozy will resumeHis attorney Thierry Herzog announced. “President Sarkozy, with whom I just spoke on the phone, asked me to appeal, which I will do immediately,” the lawyer explained.

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