Martin Hinteregger ends life: Biggest mental problems

D.He gave the news a complete surprise, but the extent of Martin Hinderker’s mental anguish was not known to the public.

In his recently published autobiography, Eintracht’s Austrian defender described the fact that he suffered under pressure to act as a professional. But he did feel that he could control the demons within him to some extent. This has not been apparent since last fall.

One can only greet Hindraker

Hinteregger can only congratulate him on his decision to end his professional career from one day to the next. Without any stress, she gives the opportunity to the deserving player to start his life anew out of professional barriers and smoothly remove his career that has plagued him.

Since the transfer rights will remain with the Frankfurt Club until the end of the agreement, which expires on June 30, 2024, simply suspending the agreement would be a good solution from an economic point of view. If Hinteregger sees a resumption of the career of a professional footballer in the future, Eintracht will not be a disadvantage.

The abrupt end of his career in Austria illustrates his many annoying actions in recent weeks: excessive celebrations of the Europa League title, which eventually led to the loss of his teammates’ farewells, and his inexperienced interviews with the Austrian press. Eintracht, his half-hearted departure from his far-right neighbor who helped organize his amateur football match. His employer could not reach him for weeks and he wanted to start rehab several weeks late after the injury.

It would have been hard for any professional footballer to iron it all out and get back into the team circle as if nothing had happened. It is not possible for one who hates his work. Eintracht and their “Hinti” area have good rules and the mythical connection between club and player. Congratulations, Mr.

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