Sofia Tomala and Loris Karius have split up

Red card for love! TV star and model Sophia Thomala and kicker Loris Karius have split. The presenter of “Are You the One” explains this in clear words.

It seemed very harmonious for a long time: after an affair with Ramstein singer Till Lindemann and alternative rock singer Gavin Rosedale, it seemed that Sofia Tomala had finally found the prince of her dream in Loris Karius. But while she was filming a new season of ‘Are You the One’, the goalkeeper was said to have had an away match with another woman on a yacht in front of Mykonos, Bild newspaper reported.

“We are separate people!”

The 31-year-old said, “There is only one thing to say about this: We are separate people! After a mutual breakup and ‘we can still be friends’, that bitter phrase doesn’t quite sound like it.” Meanwhile, the couple, separated, took a break From filming together until the beginning of June and they enjoyed life in Mykonos.

Loris Karius confirms the rumors

(Source: Instagram story by Loris Karius)

Karius himself confirmed the foreign courtship in a post on Instagram. He posted on his story: “Yesterday, photos of Sophia and I from my vacation were leaked showing me with another woman. Unfortunately, it is true that we have been apart for a long time. I am sorry that now things are falling apart and I apologize for that.”

Thomalla never said anything about love in her social media accounts. Just a couple of days ago, I posted a gorgeous sunset landscape photo and named it two colorful heart-shaped emojis.


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