STO for every day

The Huracan, with its powerful design and impressive V10 in the rear center position, is without a doubt a part of the supercar world. Whatever its version, there have been many coupes, Spyders, Performantes, EVOs, and STOs, She impresses with her presence and voice.

Driven with 640 horsepower, but it can be used on a daily basis

But according to Lamborghini, it’s still there Small place between the EVO’s 610 hp propulsion and the truly extreme STO intended for the circuit. this news So Technica will infiltrateThe 640 hp V10 and the only rear wheels to drive and steer the STO (Super Trofeo Omologata) for the sporty side, but Significantly soften his other personality traits To make it more usable on a daily basis.

Front torso preserved

The STO front hood, for example, was finished with perforated air ducts to improve the antenna, but condemned the front stem. Mitja Borkert, Head of Design for the Taurus Brand, explains that Tecnica is adopting instead Carbon element to conserve luggage space. what do you allow This is a Huracán to take you on weekend getaways.

more discreet fin

The massive rear wing of the STO has given way to another, less spectacular wing, So Lamborghini reworked its trim in order to regain some of the lost downforce. New Y-shaped air intakes for brake cooling, appear under the headlights, while side shovels supplying the engine, located behind the doors, See modifying its design and increasing its ability to capture air.

V10 on screen

In addition to the hexagonal exhausts, the rear is particularly noticeable through the now flat, glazed bonnet, Just to highlight the V10 atmo with incomparable sound. On board, Mitja explains, we almost found Joe STO, From carbon bucket seats (CFRP) to door panels molded in the same lightweight material.

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Only 1379 kg thanks to carbon

Thanks to all these light elements, This Tecnica weighs only 40 kg more than the maximum STO (1,379 kg, versus 1,339 kg), which guarantees a very poor performance, Very close to those in the more track-ready Huracán. Let’s just hope, on the commentary side, that this Tecnica has also put some water in its wine, Because on the road STO is at the limit of livability with its extreme toughness. So we are eagerly waiting for the test to check it out.


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