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Iron Banner returns with an all-new daily challenge in Destiny 2 Season of the Haunted. We didn’t know much about the challenge up front, so it came as a surprise to most of us. A perplexing surprise, because Bungie’s implementation of the Daily Challenge is questionable, to say the least.

We’ll try to explain as much as possible the Iron Banner Daily Challenge in Destiny 2. We’ll highlight where to find it, how to complete it, and what you get to do.

What is Iron Banner’s daily challenge?

Destiny 2 Iron Banner Daily Challenge Saladin in the Tower
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Bungie brought the Iron Banner Daily Challenge to Destiny 2 in the Haunted Season. The intent is to replace Iron Banner rewards. When you first log in and talk to Lord Saladin, you will notice that he has no reward for you. Instead, he will give you the task of forging iron. This mission will guide you through all the upcoming changes to Iron Banner with Season 17.

Much like how there were four grand prizes in the old seasons, there will be four daily challenges at a time iron banner Active in Destiny 2. You can see challenges when you hover over the Iron Banner node in the Crucible playlist.

Where does confusion come from for most people in this knot. Bungie treats your group of four daily challenges as a week similar to the weekly Strike and Gambit. As such, the Crucible Reading List node is categorized as weekly, despite the fact that the script reads the daily challenge. It is unnecessarily complicated.

Destiny 2 Iron Banner Daily Challenge for Saladin Seller Screen
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The simplest explanation is that every week the Iron Banner is activated, there are four challenges. You can only complete each challenge once a week. Bungie launches challenges one by one at the start of the event every day for the first four days, so you can no longer speed up all of your highs.

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In the end, these challenges are the same as the old rewards, except that they are easier to complete and you can’t take them all at once. However, you still get the same rewards for doing them.


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