Super League - Jர்கrgen Globe outraged:

Little by little, languages ​​begin to loosen around this crazy Super League program. After Gary Neville or Pierre Franசois at home in the UK, that is Jர்கrgen Globe Who expressed his opinion. Aside from the competition against Leeds, the German technician denigrated the lack of clarity and advice in the decision-making process.

My opinion on this Super League has not changed“Globe explained a few weeks ago that some reservations had already been revealed.”I was not even informed. I learned it with the players last night. We had little information. People are not happy, I can understand them. I can not tell you more, we are not integrated. I have no players.

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Globe continues to announce his love for the prestigious Champions League: “I am 53 years old. Since I was a part of the professional football world, there is the Champions League. My goal is to coach a team in this tournament. I like the competitive and unexpected aspect of football. I wish a team like West Ham could play in the Champions League next season“He ended up angry at the turn of events.

A frustration shared by the hot fans of Liverpool who quickly expressed their dissatisfaction. From the start of the day, the Ultras Reds stopped banners and, to the end of the administration, set fire around the grounds. Atmosphere, Atmosphere on the Anfield side.

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