Tekken boss challenges Virtua Fighter to make another game

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In the Latest video For his personal YouTube channel, Tekken Series director Katsuhiro Harada spoke at length about this week’s release of “AH” Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown, stating that he always saw going beyond Sega’s founding 3D fighting series as a personal goal.

“There was an 11-year gap [between releases]But I thought about it [Virtua Fighter] For over 25 years,” Harada told an off-screen producer. “I’ve been making fighting games for about 27 years. So all the time, you know? I’ve been thinking about that for a long time.”

Harada took over management Tekken Franchise with 1997 Tekken 3. in time, Virtua Fighter It was still considered the undisputed king of 3D fighting games among serious gamers, making it an ideal target for the young novice looking to make their mark in the genre. However, when his superiors at Bandai Namco asked him how long it would take Tekken Exceed Virtua Fighter In terms of financial success and popularity, Harada wasn’t just bullshit, instead proposing an overall timeline of at least 10 years.

Virtua Fighter Harada said. “When I told them it would take at least 10 years, they said, ‘So they just kept going until there. “I’m making up my mind. I’ve also helped with the other titles, but I could have done it.” Tekken for 10 years. I thought, “I’ll do my best to beat them!” [Beating Virtua Fighter] It was a goal for me.”

Harada clearly took his self-imposed rivalry very seriously. But when Sega stopped releasing new versions Virtua Fighter Games after 2007 Virtua Warrior 5, he felt that he had no one else in the 3D fighting game space to compete. high level viewing Virtua Fighter Rivals – now without a new game of stability – migrate to it Tekken It gave him an “indescribable feeling” of disappointment.

they didn’t choose Tekken at Virtua Fighter, but only to do so out of necessity once Sega stops making new fighting games. I mean, what are they going to do, play dead or alive? as if.

But now with launch Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate ShowdownHarada saw the fight from the company he had once seen as a competitor. Of course, it’s not exactly a new game, but enough effort has been put into making the old version look new, giving Sega a chance to get ready. Virtua Fighter 6. And if that’s the case, Harada is more than ready for another round. Whereas before he compared the rest of the 3D fighting game genres to the unparalleled locker room, Harada now feels that the opponent is finally waiting behind the scenes.

In a few years, I hope I can say, ‘Dude, did they do this?’ said Harada. ‘I won’t let them win.’ I’ll beat them next time. Let’s have a showdown. I don’t want to end my career as a developer without her. I don’t have much time as a developer. So Sega, please do me a favor and let’s play one last game.”

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