Shaquille O'Neill supports Indigenous Australians and comes up with terrapiattismo theories-

The basketball legend pushes with Australian Labor Prime Minister Anthony Albanese to recognize indigenous peoples. Then he pulled out the old flat earth case

From our mail to New York
He has bid farewell to more than ten years, leaving behind a string of remarkable successes, but a legend
Shaquille O’Neal He also lives far from the basket. The 50-year-old American basketball player has always been involved in countless charities
His film Shake Close predicted Christmas every year by thousands of poor children to whom he handed out toys – and he hasn’t shied away from more political positions with the United Nations and the State Department.

In 2016, for example, Barack Obama appointed him as a special envoy for sports in Cuba, as part of the then-administration’s effort to restore cultural ties with the island after reopening diplomatic relations (which Trump then reversed). Now Shaq is ready to talk about a new mission. in Australia In a round of public meetings, he attended a press conference with Labor Prime Minister Anthony Albanese to publicly support his will A referendum is necessary to amend the Constitution on the recognition of indigenous peoples in the Charter and the obligation to consult with them on decisions that affect their lives. If approved, the Indigenous Voice in Parliament initiative would create a permanent Indigenous Advisory Body in the Federal Parliament.

Albanese said O’Neill is the right face for this fight, recalling the hero’s many commitments to social justice and his efforts to give a voice to the marginalized. Whatever you want from me, just tell me, said the smiling hero. It was O’Neill himself who called the Prime Minister and Minister of Indigenous Peoples, Linda Burnie. His trip to Australia is making the web tours for another reason, too. In 2017, Shaq surprised everyone by writing that he believed the Earth was flat, except to make sure he was joking a few days later.: I’m joking, you fools: in the world we live in, people take things very seriously. But now he’s back to flirting with what he admits is a conspiracy theory. I’ve flown for 20 hours today and have never gone in that direction, Shack said he twists his arm diagonally adding that he hasn’t tip-over or overturned during the flight. I love hearing theories. It’s not about saying he’s wrong or right, it’s just a theory. Even legends are not perfect.

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