Telegram announced today that it has updated its iPhone and iPad app with many new features, including message reactions, translation, hidden text, additional interactive emoji options, thematic QR codes for users and channels, etc.

With the addition of reactions, users can now double-click a message bubble and a small thumbs up emoji will appear below that message. You can change this quick reaction emoji in the app under Settings > Stickers & emojis > Quick Reaction. For more feedback, tap and hold on the message bubble.

Similar to iMessage’s invisible ink option, Telegram now offers a spoiler format for masking text. When entering a message, select the text you want to hide, tap B/I/U on the black pop-up menu, and tap Spoiler. Messages sent in spoiler format will appear blurry in a thread, and you can click on the message to reveal the hidden text.

Telegram now offers the ability to translate any message into another language, right in the app. Translation can be enabled in the app under Settings > Language, then you can long press on a message to translate it to your language. You can also exclude all languages ​​you are fluent in to hide the translate button for those messages. On iPhone and iPad, this feature requires iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 or later.

Another new feature is the ability to generate thematic QR codes for all users with a generic username, as well as for groups, channels and bots. There are also additional interactive emojis that come to life when sent, such as the fire emoji and a loud crying face.

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Telegram version 8.4 is now available on the App Store for iPhone and iPad.


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