The director reveals that the game will last 30 hours

The manager of Sonic Frontiers claimed that the game will take up to 30 hours to win.

The upcoming Sonic game will be the first 3D Sonic game since the 2017 release of Sonic Forces.

It will also be the franchise’s first foray into an open game world, as the freely exploreable world is referred to as the ‘Open Zone’, according to IGN.

Director Morio Kishimoto spoke to the news outlet about the open area and the game’s running time.

It was revealed that Sonic Frontiers includes a leveling system, so that Sonic can be upgraded, and this was implemented due to the length of time the player would spend in the world.

It will last 20-30 hours and the performers can double that.

He said, “Level-based platformers often have a map of the world. Our open area is a map of the world, we just made it fully playable.

“A playable world map that includes theater-like elements is something that hasn’t been done before, so we had to come up with a new name. What is often defined as a world in other level-based platformers is called an area in Sonic games, so we took that and combined it with Open, which stands for a freely exploreable domain. So that’s what the Open Zone stands for”.

Screenshot of Sonic Frontiers.

He also claims that the open area actually directs players toward a more traditional Sonic experience.

He added, “The Open Zone is central to the gameplay of Sonic Frontiers, and the levels of the game exist as elements within this zone. From grinding bars to platform objects, rings, etc., the open zone is filled with the athletic action that we love in Sonic games.”

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In the open area, the high-speed gameplay can carry players in any direction without stage or trajectory restrictions.

“In previous Sonic titles, we had to make the stages progressively more difficult in order to reach a playtime that would satisfy the players. It is normal for level-based platforms to become more difficult as you progress. However, for Sonic games, the problem has always been is that high difficulty can hamper the game’s sense of speed.In Sonic Frontiers, the Open Zone already offers a lot of content, so increasing the difficulty in order to increase playtime is no longer necessary.From start to finish we’ve been able to maintain a sense of speed by designing The perfect level for a Sonic game.”

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