Si realizaste una compra con tarjeta y la tienda te ha cobrado una comisión, esto es lo que debes hacer de acuerdo con la Condusef

There are some shops Services which usually add an amount of A committee When you make a purchase using Card Either a debtor or a creditor, this is due to “company policies”, however, according to National Authority for the Protection and Defense of Users of Financial Services (twitching) and with Federal Consumer Protection Office (PROFECO) This commission may be illegal and you can report it.

This fee is charged for using a debit or credit card through a point of sale (POS), which appears to be detrimental to the consumer, since the commission is often proportional to the purchase they make. The corporate goal when making this payment is for the organization to be able to cover the commission expenses for using the banking POS.

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What do I do if I am charged a commission?

As mentioned before, according to CONDUSEF and prophecy, These fees are not allowed, so you can file a complaint if it is submitted to you, it will be submitted to the banking institution that provided the points of sale, and it will be the one who decides to cancel the service contract with the institution. .

You can also file a complaint with CONDUSEF, where you must include the data of the organization for which the commission has been assigned, so that the organization can take relevant actions such as withdrawing the device.

To file your complaint, it is sufficient to provide the data on the purchase card and you can do this by email to PROFECO: [email protected] or by calling 55 5568 8722 in Mexico City and the Metropolitan Region, or 8004688722 within the Republic.

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The hours to file your complaint are Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

This action is completely illegal, so if you were charged a commission in one of the institutions, do not forget to report it.


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