That’s why Elizabeth Pots is now on par with Dad

Dresden. Elizabeth Pots has already won many titles and medals in her career. The former youth and junior world champion finished second over the weekend in Riga. In the final round of the Grand Swiss tournament, the 36-year-old Kazakh defeated Bibisara Assoubajeva with strong nerves, securing the silver medal with 7.5 points from eleven rounds over the balanced Chinese player Xu Jiner. His teammate Lei Tingjie, who drew against Pähtz in the third round, dominated the World Chess Federation FIDE tournament with nine points. There are many reasons why Pähtz turned his acting into a “match of my life”.

The big payday with $ 15,250 – about, 13,150 – is a pleasant cash support for only one German professional player. However, the candidate’s qualification for the tournament was crucial, as Berliner had his dream of winning the by-election World Cup. The 36-year-old will remember her success throughout her life in Latvia: because she graduated from high school in Dresden in 2004 and graduated from both USV du and DSC – Bundesliga – as the first German to serve as a male grandmaster for life.

Of these, only 40 women have passed

She became the Grandmaster for Women in 2001 at the age of 16. However, the requirements for this are considerably lower – according to statistics, you have to play 200 Elo world-class points better (equivalent to about 25 percent extra point yield) to become the men’s grandmaster. Of the 500 female grandmasters worldwide, only 40 women hold the highest honors of men, according to Wikipedia.

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In 1978, Nona Kaprindashvili was the first woman to enter the glorious circle of aristocrats of chess. The record world champion who turned chess into a national sport in his home country of Georgia wants to tell you how he was laughed at by the Grandmasters for a long time and how they joined the tournament so that they would not be let down. In this regard, the story of the Netflix hit series “Queen’s Gambit” is correct, in which lead actress Beth Harmon has to bite the pure male world. The 80-year-old filed a lawsuit against the streaming service in mid-September because his character was “sexual and derogatory.”

The spear for women’s chess broke after Kaprindashville, but above all Judith Polker. The Hungarian refused to take part in competitions of his “weaker” gender and almost measured himself against men. At 15 and four months old, she broke Bobby Fischer’s record as the youngest men’s grandmaster and to date has elevated herself into the top ten in the men’s world rankings as the only woman to date.

Only a fraction of the prize money for men

The 45-year-old has been away from the active scene for a long time and wants to promote the brain teaser around the world. There are plenty of jokes circulating in the world of men about the royal game of why women can’t pursue 64 domains. There are two measurable reasons: First, women are less attracted to chess than they are to computer games. In the German Chess Federation (DSB), one woman under every 17th member.

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In addition, they get several complaints about the unique and controversial Pähtz DSB, and perhaps one of them. Reasons to leave the national team There was less prize money and support than men. This makes the life of a professional player even more difficult than that of an ordinary player in the more than 1,600 men’s Grandmasters – in Riga, Fabiano Caruana, who finished second with $ 50,000 (, 43,115) in the men’s competition, won more than three times. For example, prize money like Pähtz.

Vincent Keemer also earned the best salary for his sensational fifth place (7: 4 points) with $ 16,773 (, 14,460). Runner-up SF Daisy’s Bundesliga player, ranked 65th, became the youngest number one on the German best chess list at the age of 16 thanks to his victory. At current 2,652 ratings, talent has advanced into the top 100 for men.

Pähtz is still miles away from it. However, the gain of 19 Elo world rankings allows the women to move up to 14th in the world rankings with 2,504 Elo – and he is finally on par with his longtime coach and father: Thomas Pots from Erfurt as a Grandmaster. 1990.


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