The 12-year-old wrote to the store owner:

The recorded message was to leave Switzerland with €10 inside. “Apology from a father whose son allegedly stole a Kinder egg from me on a trip,” a San Marino grocery store owner says on social media. “I invite him to come visit us.”

Message from Switzerland (Ansa)

“I got one recommended by switzerland, handwritten with inside 10 euroas a letter of apology from a father who stole his son a Kinder eggNarrated by Danilo Chiaruzzi on social media, Grocery store owner in downtown San Marino The story of the theft and subsequent repentance collects a lot of comments and shares and some local media have news about it.

Lots of kids should read it

“I was shocked by this Lots of kids should read it Every day, for fun or a challenge, they steal chips, candy, or something else! I will answer him with a postcard and an invitation to come back to see us and shake his hand! ‘, continues the shopkeeper. The letter is written in German and tells about 12 year old swiss boy. “On Sunday, May 30th I went to his store, as I had no money I stole a Joy Kinder egg. I’m so sorry, I know I was wrong. Since I want to live in peace with God and with you, I attach 10 euros to forgive me … “.

nice gesture

Nice gesture and great teaching”, one of the comments on the post. And again: “A heart-warming message. ” rest of Carlino, Pointing out that he doesn’t remember exactly how things went that day, he translated the message and now comments: “I get a lot of thefts, all the time, but no one has ever returned anything. I will also add a model cake to this little boy’s speech San Marino because I will certainly not forget this gesture he made.”

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