The Catalan press was exhausted after the removal of the Frankfurt Barசாa

The most favorite to win in the Europa League, FC Barcelona were knocked out by Frankfurt on Thursday after their own defeat in the quarter-final second leg (2-3). The local media has blamed the attack.

Rage mixed feet. Catalan newspapers are battling to pick up the shock of FC Barcelona’s elimination from Thursday’s Europa League quarter-finals. After a draw (1-1) in the first leg in Germany, the Catalans took a 3-0 lead (2-3) against Frankfurt. Two Spanish goals did not change anything at the break. After leaving the group stage of the Champions League last December, Xavi’s men were left disappointed as they returned to the tournament.

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The hangover is felt in one of the daily newspapers. Mundo Deportivo uses the German word on its cover: “Kaputt en el Kamp Nou” No translation required. The newspaper thus refers to the delegation of German supporters who occupied the area of ​​more than 30,000 Parsa! This dumping presence is frightening even within the club. Xavi denounced that many opposition fans were thus able to attend the meeting.

The other sports newspaper in town is very regular but just as disappointing: “What a disappointment!”. Depressed Sergio Busquets explains this shattering failure.

The parody of the Madrid press

The tone in the Madrid media is different, as ridiculous and ridiculous as Marca, which provides a mocking front page: “El Barza Vulca” (Barசாa returns) is a paradoxical reference to recent reports in Catalan teams confirming that Barசாa are back. (“El Barza Wolf”).

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The players, staff and captains demanded it without defeat after fifteen consecutive games, including a tough room (0-4) at the Real Madrid ground. The press in the Spanish capital was amused by the defeat, when Merengus was still a big lead in La Liga (12 points more than Barசாa) and qualified for the Champions League semi-finals.


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