The East German expedition is looking for raw materials in Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan in order to

there German locomotive Because of the delay in supply chains add up to Dear Energy And the inflation likely to enter Recession And the Berlin eve G7 foreign ministers a Monster On November 3 and 4, the G20 in Indonesia On November 15, he ran to hide with Diplomatic attack on several fronts in Asia. Minister of Foreign Affairs Annala Barbuk He served on a three-day mission in Kazakhstan And the Uzbekistan. “We need raw materials – he declared – under suitable conditions for the countries we want to cooperate with, but also in terms of environmental protection and workers’ rights.” Germany wants To reduce for him Accreditation From China For the riches of the earth’s interior, without which he cannot complete energy revolution Around Sources renewabledo not go ahead with Digitization subordinate Infrastructure.

to me Tashkent are produced 148 thousand tons of copper annually and the Kazakhstan It is also able to export gold, silver and other metals. From Samarkandin UzbekistanA thousand years have already passed, Silk Road that linked exchanges between the Asian continent and Europe. Stressing that there is “great potential” in Central Asia and that it has received “great interest”, Barbock noted that Germany addresses the Central Asian countries on conditions. the trade exchange More loyal than China. For the minister, Beijing should be considered a partner in international affairs, but also open competitor And an increasingly systematic competitor. “China has changed radically in recent years – remember the owner of foreign affairs – we must adjust our foreign policy to suit the world.”

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Barbock paid publicly on Tuesday Olaf Schulzwhich has become since November 4 in China With an economic delegation, he will also meet Xi Jinpingto use light tones with the Arctic Republic of China Also on human rights violations in Xinjiang. respression Uyghur It has been censored by at least 40 countries, but Beijing has so far managed to avoid being a topic of discussion at the United Nations. In an interview on Wednesday, the German foreign affairs chief softened the controversy, stating that she has given voice only to what has already been defined in the coalition contract and there is no open conflict with the chancellor. However, the feud with Schulz has come to light in recent days, both in the chancellor’s green light for a possible involvement of the Chinese. Cusco to me Tollerort . Station In the Harbor From Hamburgthis is in the decision to keep Emsland nuclear reactor.

On the other hand, Schultz’s trip to China is very important. Be sure to Beijing Maintain equal distance with Russiawhile reaffirming Western support for independence Taiwan without irritation Xi Jinping. there China Already The most important business partner Germany for at least six years. The Federal Statistical Office (Destatis) calculated trade in goods at About 245.4 billion euros In 2021, an increase of 15.1% over the previous year. However, trade relations are biased in favor of China, through which most merchandise imports in Germany: In 2021 assets worth 141.7 billion euros20.8% more than in 2020. While Beijing now already has stakes in 14 European portsHowever, it is not impenetrable to European investment in its infrastructure. So much so that the same Minister of Economy Robert Habeck (vegetablesHe pointed out that it was necessary to say “stop being naive” with Beijing. He was also accused of illegally resorting to Special Police Officers against dissidents in Europe.

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From tomorrow, the G7 foreign ministers will also discuss the appropriate way to deal with China in the United StatesIndian and Pacific Oceans. Münster was chosen as the meeting place in honor of Hello Westphalia which was the cradle of modern international law, and the agenda will also touch on relations with Tehran In the Horn of Africa. on protests in IranBarbock stated that “the situation is terrible” and that Germany He will offer his help, but assuming that in addition to external sanctions he cannot interfere. On nuclear energy, he said: “There is no deal with the Tehran regime.” Meanwhile, from the Iranian capital, German journalists are talking about their limited work and movement, while the regime organizes demonstrations outside the German embassy.


in the picture LAPRESS above German Foreign Minister Annalena Barbuk and her Kazakh counterpart Mukhtar Tilobardy


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