The gap between blacks and whites in the United States is widening

Death conditions for blacks were much worse last year than for whites. This gap has never been greater since 1998.

In the United States, the life expectancy of blacks is 72 years and that of whites (non-Hispanics) is 78 years. This is what it shows 2020 figures released by the federal government on February 18. This gap – the shortest in the last twenty years – is now six years. And its “Most important since 1998”, Highlight The New York Times. “I knew it would be huge, but when I looked at these numbers I thought to myself: ‘Oh my God’, ” Daily Elizabeth Arias, a federal researcher and author of the report, says.

The report also shows the decline in the life expectancy of the entire American population. In 2020, it is 77.8 years, up from 78.8 years in the previous year. “We have been experiencing this level of decline for decades.” Insists Elizabeth Arias. Although the decline in life expectancy has many and complex causes, one that was recorded last year is often linked to the Govt-19 epidemic. Since black Americans are particularly vulnerable, it is not surprising that these inequalities are reflected in the decline in life expectancy.

Nevertheless, experts speculate that the number of daily deaths is declining and that this overall decline will not be sustainable as the vaccine progresses. However, even if this number starts to rise again in 2021, the huge gap between blacks and whites is unlikely to close anytime soon.


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