The head of the stars with the Artemis mission

No need to wait for an Artemis rocket launch to have your head in the stars. Lego has added to the City Espace collection several sets that reproduce various elements of the NASA mission, including the giant SLS launcher.

We can count on Lego to fulfill the dream of young and old. Thus the toymaker was inspired by the Artemis mission, whose mission is to return man to the moon. New combos have already appeared and have enough to awaken desires in space!

Everything to travel to the moon

First of all, there is the rocket launch base, which includes the launch tower and the rocket, which can accommodate two astronauts on board in addition to the rover (attached). The box includes an observation dome, a control room, a maintenance vehicle, a drone, and six minifigures. Of course, all of these devices are inspired by NASA, all for the sake of 139.99 € (1010 pieces).

credit: LEGO

Once launched, the rocket could give way to a lunar space station, a rather impressive array including science and botanical laboratories, a dormitory, and a docking capsule. Five astronaut figurines complete the collection, for €59.99 (500 pieces).

credit: LEGO

The Moon is Artemis’ target, so of course Lego thought of the Lunar Research Base. There too, it’s a pretty good job that includes all the basics necessary to live on our satellite: a lunar module, a rover, a dome-shaped rest module with its labs, garage, and airlock, and there’s also six shapes. all for €99.99 (786 pieces).

credit: LEGO

Finally, to get around the Moon, NASA astronauts will be able to rely on the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, the least expensive of the bunch (€29.99), but it’s not impressive with its twelve wheels and exploration arms. It can accommodate three shapes, which are provided. The set contains 275 pieces.

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credit: LEGO


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