The man gets off the train.  chaos among the passengers

A British passenger claimed he was lowered fromEurostar who traveled on «To wear the wrong kind of mask». However, after the first rebuilds, the story seems more complicated. The 49-year-old from Liverpool has long since begun to show signs of impatience during the journey that was supposed to take him from Little a London. Eurostar, having specified that in its policy there are no specifications for protective devices, stated that this topic «He removed the mask repeatedly at the station and on board, despite kind reminders from the staff.».

«During the flight – continuing the Eurostar clarification – the passenger became more aggressive and intimidating towards the personnel on board, especially when they were reminded to wear a mask, as required by our conditions of carriage. As a result, the person in question was asked to leave the train at Lille station in which case the police would naturally assist our staff.».

On the train without a mask, the train conductor, who wants to wear it, threatened: “My father will destroy you.”

On the other hand, other passengers claimed that the conductor did not like the man after exchanging hot words, and ordered the service to be cut off so the passenger could disembark. According to eyewitnesses, the man was surrounded by at least eight uniformed officers, only to be escorted out of the wagon, and thus remained stuck in the night.

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«I have done nothing wrong and have always respected all the rules of Covid prevention. This is very outrageous», the man said as officers took him in front of the other passengers. «I have absolutely no idea what happened. All I know is that a Eurostar employee targeted me and accused me of wearing an inappropriate type of mask. All I wanted to do was come home from a business trip. This is a very harsh treatment. We should all get along, not treat each other that way.

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