The myth of illegals –

They appear patient and careful, not always shrewd. They make up stories to cover their true identities. They are illegal Russian spies sent to the West: 30’s and 40’s trained to live as Europeans and get scouted from time to time. Several episodes have appeared in recent months.

the origin

Russian services are fond of Latin Americans. Sergey Cherkasov, aka Victor Muller FerreraHe claimed to be Brazilian and tried to infiltrate the court in The Hague. His colleague was also (fake) “Brazilian”. Jose Assis Gayamaría Discovery in a Norwegian research centre. The “Argentine” origin, however, l Maria Mayer and her husband, Ludwig GeschBanned in Slovenia. Added a curious fact: he was born in Namibia. Maria Tesla, who fled Greece, claimed to be the daughter of immigrants, in her past a bit from Belgium, Mexico and Brazil again. Because her husband and co-worker is self-proclaimed Gerard Daniel Campos WittichHe was allegedly Brazilian and fled to Asia after arrests in Slovenia. They may have been part of a single cell. She was from Peru, although she wasn’t Peruvian. Maria Adela Kuhfeldt Rivera settled in Naples to try to attract operatives in NATO circles and then returned to Moscow when she feared she would end up in a cage.


Maria Tesla chose imitation Stealing the identity of a dead little girl Immediately after birth in Attica in 1991. The scheme he used for decades “shadows” half the world. Why The newborn has no past, then you can replace yourself by creating one. Cherkasov kept – made a big mistake – His “myth”, that is, all passages of his existence are based on the tableincluding casual references, such as the smell of fish near a bridge in Rio de Janeiro or the model poster in Mechanic. Maria deceived the Greek registry office by assigning two lawyers to herA retired preacher, a member of an evangelical community, was convinced he was testifying on behalf of the daughter of an old friend. Cherkasov gave expensive gifts to the notary Who helped him produce a fake birth certificate. Maria Adela hit the wall of bureaucracy in Peru. SynthesisThey rely on formal methods and then follow shortcuts. It is not uncommon for them to have partners who prepare the ground in advance. investigation site Bellingcat is found Kind of lazy on the part of GruRussian Military Intelligence: Issuing passports with serial numbers.

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the job

The Argentines had Art shop and computer company in Slovenia. The first profession allowed you to shoot, and the second had outdated specific products. They had a lot of money, probably intended for others. Maria Thessa was there Photographer – Great for touring – e.g He ran a knitwear store. Maria Adela was selling gems, actually Chinese junk. Cherkasov introduced himself as it Expert in international politics But he proved inexperienced in the art of espionage: the incriminating materials on his hard drive were confiscated. Sometimes, as they are polyglots, they can’t quite hide their accent and so they invent other lies to allay suspicion. It doesn’t always work. According to the investigators Her first assignment is to get an original EU passport in some moles allowing him to freely roam the continent, where he could then recruit valuable resources. Accommodation in smaller states such as the peripheral base, drop-out trampoline.


Maria Tesla was romantically linked to A Greek professor (not realizing it all) She might have married him if she had not been forced to leave. In fact, she never forgot her royal husband, Daniel Campos, who had hers at the same time Brazilian girlfriend. Maria Adela’s husband was an Italian-Russian-Ecuadorean who “died” of illness in 2013. Cherkasov had explored the possibility of marrying his Moscow contact — codenamed Diver. In some cases, the “center” guarantees you a wifeIn others, you don’t want to because union with a stranger carries obvious risks. Love story is a double edged sword, you can conquer or betray yourself. They have been trained since the days of the KGB The “Red Sparrows”, agents who had to set honey trapsor to seduce officials to extract secrets from them but also to organize sexual extortion.

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