The United States has carried out airstrikes in Syria

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said the airstrikes were US Destroyed several facilities at the border checkpoint used by several Iranian-backed militant groups, Including the Hezbollah and the Syed al-Shuhada organizations.

The United States has blamed Hezbollah for a number of attacks on US interests and individuals working in Iraq in the past.

The rockets landed near the US embassy in Baghdad on Monday.

On Saturday, gunfire further targeted an Iraqi employee of a U.S. company responsible for maintaining F-16 aircraft, targeting an Iraqi air base north of Ballad.

On February 15, rockets struck a military base supplying foreign coalition troops at Erbil Airport. Two people were killed, including a foreign civil contractor working in the coalition.

Although Gatteb Hezbollah has not claimed responsibility for the attacks, US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin has confirmed that the pro-Iranian group is responsible.

Washington has said that Iran will take place after the last shooting on Monday Responsible for the actions of his allies attacking Americans, But insisted that his forces avoid fuel Expansion

Proportional military response

The operation sends a clear message: President Biden will act to protect U.S. and coalition workersMr Kirby said. At the same time, we are deliberately working to alleviate the general situation in eastern Syria and Iraq.

Earlier, Mr Kirby said US action was a “one.” Proportional military response With diplomatic activities, including consultation with coalition partners.

I am confident about the goal we have set and we know what we have achievedSecretary of Defense Lloyd Austin told reporters.

Speaking after the airstrikes, he added: We believe this target was used by the same Shiite militants who carried out the strikes., Refers to the February 15 rocket attack in northern Iraq.

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Mr Austin said he had recommended the military action to President Biden.

These were the first American trials since Joe Biden came to power.


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