The Center for Immunization and Prevention now allows vaccinated Americans to travel within the country without isolation or testing. But experts warn: it is good to be alert, as epidemics continue to increase simultaneously in many states.

With our correspondent in Washington, Anne Corbett

More than 100 million Americans are now vaccinated. The new record was set on Friday, with more than 4 million people being vaccinated in a single day. This weekend in New York, theaters were able to raise curtains and be vaccinated for the first time in months in front of a small number of spectators. California, for its part, announces the resumption of indoor sports in mid-April.

But Dr. Fucci, head of the Institute for Infectious Diseases, warns: the epidemic is far from under control. « The vaccine is doing very well, but one thing that worries us is that there is a risk of another significant peak in infections in a few states. We are not out in the woods yet, so do not announce the victory in advance because we are not there yet he said.

About 60,000 new cases were registered in the country on Friday. The death toll from the corona virus continues to rise. If predictions are correct, the United States will cross the 600,000 deadly milestone before July 1.

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