There is still time to decorate the terraces and terraces with the most beautiful, colorful, fragrant and gorgeous flowers in the entire neighborhood.

All the best plants are arranged in the front row, and there are still some strategic “cartridges” to use to make the porch or terrace the prettiest in the area.
The high temperatures allow us to dedicate ourselves to even the smallest details of optimally decorating the outdoor spaces of our homes.

Just browse through this column’s home and garden pages to discover many tips, tricks and tricks for taking care of all your plants quickly and easily.

From largest to smallest, from most sensitive to most resistant. The presented plant species are quite a lot. Below, we suggest two very successful varieties:

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However, in this space, the editorial team wants to assure its readers that there is still plenty of time to decorate the terraces and terraces with the most elegant, colorful, and fragrant flowers and scenography of the entire neighborhood.

A flower of refined beauty

We are talking about one of Flowers Most loved and cultivators: tulips.
Also for this plant, there has been no shortage of suggestions and advice, in recent months, from our experts on this topic.
However, in the light of summer it is appropriate to remember the characteristics of the plant but above all the tricks to obtain exceptional and always magnificent flowers.

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How you look

This flower belongs to the Lialiaceae family. The same family as other well-known plants such as lilies or lilies.
With the exception of the Chinese and Japanese variants, lilies can reach very important heights, between 80 cm and 2 meters. The bulbs are not replenished every year, as it does for other similar plants. Also, it is good to know that there are about 30 varieties of lily flowers. Among these, two are also edible. That is, the Lanzhou lily and the Longyan lily.

The most beautiful feature of this plant is its flowering. The flowers consist of 6 petals of the most contrasting shades. Shades range from white to yellow, orange, pink, purple and red.

In addition, lilies give an exceptional aroma reminiscent of, in some cases, vanilla.

Even if spring is well advanced, there is still time to decorate the terraces and terraces with the most elegant, colorful, fragrant and fragrant flowers in the entire neighborhood.

Yes, because lilies release all their power in summer with beautiful, abundant blossoms. A symbol of love and fertility, the lily does not need special care but rather a well-drained and nourished soil. She loves the sun, but it is advised not to expose it to direct sunlight.

Also, if you decide to grow lilies in the garden, it is recommended to plant them in groups of 5 close together. By doing this, flowering will be more organized. However, a pot-growing plant needs a few other tricks. For example, it is desirable to have a base of gravel and splinters or expanded clay balls. When the flowers are open, it is recommended to increase watering. In summer, water in the coldest hours to prevent the flowers from drying out.

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