These are the pictures of Martha Hegarida that no one stops talking about on Instagram

Martha Higarida (marthahigaredaoficial) has revolutionized networks in the last few hours. Stories posts and photos have added more to the interactions between them Followers.

The most popular posts are:

My name is Martha, but they call me…

Who is Martha Hegarida?

Martha Elba Higarida Cervantes, better known as Martha HigaridaShe is a famous Mexican actress, writer and producer who was born on August 24, 1983 in Villahermosa, Tabasco.

Born into an artistic family, Martha Hegarida was supported by her parents in her desire to be an actress.. His mother, Martha Cervantes, was also an actress, while his father, José Luis Higarida, was a painter.

With the support of her parents, Martha Higarida left the southern state of Tabasco and moved to Mexico City to study acting and try her luck.

He began his acting career first in plays, then made the jump to television with occasional participation in youth soap operas and leading a Disney Channel program called starting area.

Martha Higarida’s first big break was a leading role in the movie Your love hurtsHis first appearance on the big screenThe film was a hit and is a classic of what is called “New Mexican Cinema” to this day.

after success Your love hurtsMartha Hegarida did her first leading role in a telenovela, it was about fall in love Produced by TV Azteca.

Since then, Martha Higarida has been working in film and television in Mexico. Featured in films like Even the winds are afraid, Niñas Mal and Así delprecicio and the oldest Laura and No Manches Frida.

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Martha Higarida’s work is not limited to Mexico, she has also participated in many famous American productions such as Series CSI: Miami, Hawaii 5-0 He even lent his voice to the hit anime series steve universeHe has also acted in films Street Kings, located in Plain Sight, Borderland, McFarland.

In addition to acting, Martha Higarida has a podcast called Infinity, with Martha Higarida which he shares on Spotify and YouTube. On her YouTube channel, Martha Higareda has just over 200,000 subscribers and nearly 1 million followers on Twitter, while on Instagram she has over 4 million followers.

As for his private life, Martha Hegarida has an affair with American writer Lewis Howes.

This relationship did not leave Martha Hegarida out of scandal, because He was accused of being “the third in contention” after a magazine reported that Louis Howe was going to end his relationship with famous “Weather Girl”, Yanet Garcia, because of him..

Martha soon denied everything, and although she did not confirm their relationship at the time, she did make it clear that it hadn’t caused any rupture. However, after the scandal, the couple’s relationship gradually became official and they are currently together.


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