They send children to school with cockroaches and bugs in their backpacks, and parents are arrested.  Teachers: ‘They crawled out, they were all over the place’

a Husband to parents They were arrested because children They arrived at school covered by bed bugs and insects. The couple is accused of being a danger to themselves children and held for Maltreatment on the palace. Officials and teachers working at the school reported the incident to the local police office last May.

the the BeatlesAccording to eyewitnesses, they crawled out of their bags, preventing the lessons from taking place.

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Miranda Campbell32 years old, e Jason Goodspeed39, was accused by Youngstown City School of assaulting his three children and reported the incident to the Mahoning County Sheriff in Ohio.

The school told the authorities that the children had appeared in “deplorable conditions”. The little ones were in this state for several days. Every time the unpleasant incident happened, they received clean clothes from the institute, so that they could change and live with their classmates during school hours.

Alerted, law enforcement officers conducted a health check inside the Goodspeed family’s residence.

At the house, Mahoning’s clients found a major infestation of cockroaches and bedbugs that prevented them from checking the basement. The police tried to remove several animals from the house, only to discover there were also four-legged friends, which led to charges of failing to register a dog, which Campbell pleaded guilty to.

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The property was closed and confiscated because it was deemed unsafe for the family’s health. The agents also reported that prior to their arrival at the home, they had unpleasant odors and odors coming from the front sidewalk.

The parents reportedly said they tried to get rid of the infection, to no avail. Ms. Campbell said she has not been contacted by the school district about the children’s condition. The little one, who was entrusted today to the family of the couple, is currently under arrest.

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