This is how the United States scares China

the United State They may soon have the ability to attack their opponents by the thousands Drones together. News gains more importance if we add an important aspect: lo swarm In question will consist of drones operated by himartificial intelligence.

In the event of a double white smoke appearance, Washington’s armed forces will be able to exploit the ability of emerging technology, artificial intelligence, linked to the characteristics of drones, which are flexible and effective weapons.

There are two Programs In operation phase: Valkyrie And Copyist. Regarding the latter, the US Deputy Secretary of Defense said, during a conference held on August 28 at the National Association of Defense Industries, Kathleen HicksHe explained that Washington is working on a huge drone program that would allow the US Army to identify and strike 1,000 targets in just 24 hours, using “cheap drones.”

A swarm of drones

Under the aforementioned Replicator Initiative, the Department of Defense intends to create thousands of cost-effective unmanned aerial vehicles between now and then. 2025. The initiative aims, as Hicks specified, to confront… China With a “mass” of drones as well as the deployment of a “more flexible” army.

Apparently, the Defense Innovation Unit Pentagon He will oversee the effort, partnering with non-traditional technology and defense companies to accelerate development. The project could also include an unmanned underwater vehicle program for integration with submarine operability American Navy.

In short, the Replicator is one of the strategic moves the United States is considering to counter China’s growing military capabilities, especially in light of potential conflict. Taiwan. Overall, the United States is pursuing multiple plans for autonomous drones that align perfectly with Replicator’s goals, all to revolutionize future warfare capabilities.

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Use of artificial intelligence

Thus we arrive at the importance dictated by artificial intelligence. the The New York Times He devoted a long study to the Valkyrie program. to’Xq-58q Valkyrie From the Air Force, it is a drone powered by a rocket engine, can fly a distance equal to the width of China, has a stealth design and is capable of carrying missiles capable of hitting enemy targets outside its visual range.

In short, the Valkyrie is a prototype of what the US Army hopes will soon become an additional complement to its fleet of conventional fighter aircraft. In this case, human pilots can rely on a squadron of aircraft Robot Very smart to deploy in battle.

The drone in question intends to rely on artificial intelligence and its sensors to identify and evaluate competing threats, then proceed to remove them after obtaining human approval. For the United States, gaining and maintaining an advantage in artificial intelligence is a prerequisite for halting China’s rise. As well as a guarantee for insurance National Security.

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