Burger King sued for

Four U.S. customers a Class action lawsuit against fast food chain Burger King Accusing companies of being deceived by their advertising images, size there Burgers 35% appear larger Than previous ads.

Walter Coleman, Marco DeLonardo, Matthew Fox and Madeleine Salsman filed a class action lawsuit against Burger King Corporation on March 28 in federal court in Florida. By Attorney Anthony Russo.

For petitioners, “Burger King advertises its biggest burgers compared to competitors Containing oversized meat patties and “bread overflow” ingredients, the patties appear to be approximately 35% larger and twice as large as real patties, the lawsuit claims.

How labeling law warnings apply to processed foods

Comparison Pre-2017 marketing images So far, the case shows that the amount of burger has increased by about 35% and the amount of beef by 100%.

Size issue

They add: “Although the amount of vopper in Burger King ads has increased, so has the amount of recipe or beef or ingredients in it. Burger King’s Vopper has never changed. “

As needed“Burger King’s actions are particularly worrying Inflation, food and meat prices are now so high that many consumers, especially low-income consumers, are struggling financially, ”the class action lawsuit said.

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