This photograph from 1917 has convinced many that time travel is possible: the details are exciting

Can you travel through time? A photo taken in 1917 sends people on the internet into a tailspin. The boy stands out above all the people in the pictures, and for many, this will be proof that he came from the future (at that time).

Many movies and many science fiction TV series have been covered Time travel theme. Although dozens of scientists have studied the theory and even experimented to make it a reality, today for science no human being can go back or advance in time. Albert Einstein’s theory of general relativity and quantum mechanics gave the “no”, but as of August 2023 there is still no way to go forward or go back in time. Theories about the possibility of time travel start from ideas based on the distortion of space-time through black holes or wormholes (bridges that connect different regions of space-time).

There is also a philosophical component at play. If one day someone succeeds in creating a time machine and a human being goes back to the past or travels to the future, What might happen? Will the course of events change forever? Or will a new one be created? Questions and doubts about the effective implementation of such ideas, as the so-called Paradoxes of time, abounds. However, in the past few hours, a photo taken over 100 years ago has been circulating on the web, to be exact in 1917. The photo in question even has a title: “The Last Picnic”. What makes it different from many other images from the beginning of the last century? Details in boy’s clothes illustrated.

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A 1917 photo and the theory of time travel

The photo was taken in Canada. Women wear long skirts, while men wear elegant suits and bowler hats. One of the boys, who seems to be in his twenties, stands out from the others: he is dressed in a T-shirt, shorts and has a completely different haircut than in 1917. From the photo you can also see how from those present Stare at the boy in the unusual outfit, seen as an alien (strictly speaking). Here is the image in question:

A 1917 photo showing how time travel is possible.

Shot by YouTuber Jamie D. Grant. The latter wondered if time travel was really possible in light of that photograph taken in 1917.”Look at the group: their clothes, their hats, even the way they take the picture. Now look at the boy: He doesn’t have a hat, his hair is different, and he’s wearing shorts.”

A 1917 photo showing how time travel is possible.

In the comments, someone appreciates the work of the YouTuber and claims that it is a very interesting video. However, there are skeptics. User writes: Well, one decides to take a trip to the past Is he really wearing a T-shirt and shorts? Are we sure they are the right clothes? “

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