¡Juntos otra vez! Lady Gaga y Tony Bennett anuncian nuevo disco de jazz

Lady Gaga NS Tony Bennett On October 1, a new jazz album titled . will be released “love for sale” and first single, “I got kicked out of you”, can be heard from this Tuesday.

The album will contain versions of Cole Porter He will take charge from the debut of the artistic couple “cheek to cheek” In 2014, they announced that the artists would coincide with Bennett’s 95th birthday.

Gaga and Bennett will be performing on Tuesdays and Thursdays at Radio City Music HallTwo concerts will announce the start of the farewell tour of “Croner” who has been diagnosed with infection Alzheimer In 2016 she was able to continue working despite the progression of the disease.

“The day we released Cheek To Cheek in 2014, Bennett called me and asked if I’d like to record another album with him, this time in celebration of Cole Porter’s songs. It’s always an honor to sing with my friend Tony, so, of course, I accepted the invitation.” , Gaga explained in Twitter.

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Bennett learned of the disease during a two-year recording of “Love for Sale.”

His wife said, “There are so many things about him that I miss. Because he’s not old Tony… but when he sings, he’s old Tony,” Susan Benedetto, in a recent interview with the Association of Retired Persons in United State.

“He does so many things that, at the age of 94, not many people without dementia can do,” said neurologist Gayatri Devi. “It really is a symbol of hope for someone with a cognitive illness.”

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Davy encouraged the Bennett family to keep singing and performing as long as possible until the coronavirus pandemic broke out, which led to an inevitable slowdown: “It kept him in place and greatly stimulated his brain,” he said.

For her part, Gaga just finished filming “Gucci” with turn Patrizia Reggiani, The designer’s ex-wife in a special bar Al PacinoAnd Adam DriverJeremy Irons NS Jared Leto In the Cast, which is scheduled to premiere at the end of November.


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