Martin Fuchs et Clooney n’ont pas été trop impressionnés par ce sumo. Contrairement à beaucoup d’autres…


A life-size statue surprised both horses and cyclists this Tuesday around the obstacle course

Martin Fox and Clooney were not very impressed with this sumo. Unlike many others…

France Press agency

Sumo wreaked havoc on Tuesday at the Tokyo Olympics horse show. Curved and seemingly ready to attack, I frighten the many horses approaching the obstacle nNS 10. It was only a life-size statue placed in a tight bend that surprised the riders on their horses when it was time to jump. Most of the obstacles in the stadium are decorated with an authentic Japanese feel – geisha kimono, miniature Japanese palace, taiko drums – but no one has caught the eye like NSNS Sumotori.

“He was very realistic. He really looks like a person which is a bit scary.

Teddy Flock, the Israeli jockey, ranked 34th in the qualifiers and eliminated from the final

«When we arrived we saw the buttocks of a big man»Britain’s Harry Charles said, exclusion DrAnd the final dI also hide him through this extraordinary presence. Several horses also stopped in front of the bar, accumulating enough penalty points to prevent entry into Wednesday’s final.

«It was so realistic, it really looks like a person and what it isIt’s a bit scary, added Israeli Teddy Flock, who ended up right behind himHe isRe Steve Guerdat au 34e Rank. You know horses don’t want to see a man who, like, looks so stiff next to the jump, as if he’s ready to fight you. » Seeing others in trouble, he insisted on trotting his horsefor this gearatotally no 10 before they start the race so the animal can watch it.

Teddy Flock says he was afraid of the Sumotori.

Teddy Flock says he was afraid of the Sumotori.


french bit’s anit’s alube liberoit’s aVost – the 2016 showjumping team gold medalist – wasn’t sure if This ominous sumo Especially troubled Vancouver LanlorAnd Stallion 12 years. «She might. We tried to loosen our horses at the turn and they might be surprised to see my vertical so close. I do not know.»

Some riders attributed the problems to the jump’s proximity to the turn. Others blamed the bright stadium lights, which also raised concerns during the first jump.

Scott Brash enjoyed this flashy ride.  The Englishman said:

Scott Brash enjoyed this flashy ride. “You know it would be decorative,” said the Englishman.

France Press agency

“You know it’s going to be colorful and decorative.”

Scott Brach, English rider

“more thanWhatever the reason, it comes as no surprise to Olympic warriors that there is drama surrounding the parksourit scott brach. You know it will be colorful and Scenery. The Games have a reputation among riders for designing flashy courses, including an oddly shaped jump in Rio de Janeiro in 2016 that caused similar dismay. If it was just old jumps it would be like any other week. »

But Sumo is ready to pounce, he’s still very special…

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