In today’s world, football sponsorship and endorsement are commonplace. Sponsors can reap huge reciprocal benefits from their sponsorship. So, how profitable is it to sponsor a soccer team? In terms of monetary assets, Betway Zambia invested £60 million in a six-year partnership with West Ham in 2019. Sponsors received not just their money back, but also interest in it. On top of that, the sponsorship boosted the company’s brand value and public exposure. So, sports sponsorship can be viewed as a promising investment opportunity, with both the amount of money invested in sports sponsorship and the revenue earned for sponsors expected to expand steadily.

Increasing brand recognition

This is, without a doubt, the most important goal of any advertising campaign, and sponsoring football teams is an excellent way to do it. Businesses will obtain enormous exposure in the whole sports market by becoming a sponsor of a football team. Parents of players, coaches, program organizers, players themselves, and, of course, team fans make up this market. It’s crucial to keep in mind that this large market has been shown to have tremendous purchasing power.

Improving image transfer

Sponsors also want to promote their company’s image by being associated with sporting events. Sponsors essentially expect that their sponsorship will be able to transfer the favorable image of the sports property that fans have of it to themselves, so indirectly increasing the company’s brand and credibility.

Getting involved in the community

Beyond regular company operations, sport provides an opportunity to develop relationships with other businesses, affiliates, and trade clients. Football sponsorships were employed by many companies as a way to build their network and expose themselves to potential business prospects. Sponsors for a specific event can meet and connect with other parties, potentially forming partnerships and goodwill. Football sponsorships can also serve as a statement about a company’s commitment to corporate social responsibility. Consumer preference for a company’s products, brand choice, and purchase intention all have a positive association with the quantity of CSR activities performed by the brand.

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Higher website rankings

If the benefits listed above haven’t persuaded you to consider sponsoring a local football team, this last benefit may. A link from a local football club’s website can significantly improve your website’s Google ranking for your chosen keyword.

It sends a strong indication to Google that you’re a local business, and it’ll probably reward you with higher ranks. As you may be aware, a higher ranking website generates more inquiries, many of which result in sales. Sponsor them and ask the volunteer to send a link to your local service area homepage if your firm works in different locations with other clubs.

The benefits of sports sponsorship have been discussed above, and in hindsight, I believe that the rewards of this economic relationship exceed the risks. Today, it is a necessary instrument for marketing, and it produces a substantial amount of income for companies. Similarly, events rely significantly on sponsors to stay afloat, and many athletes rely on sponsorship for a significant percentage of their income. Sports sponsorship benefits both sides and has a positive impact on society when sponsors and recipients are properly matched.


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