Where will Anti Meloni go - Libero Quotidiano

Great movement in the editorial offices in the press and the republic, Both are part of Jedi group. This time two signatures like Annalisa Kozokrea for the Republic and Paolo Mastrolli from the press. Movements that are among the effects of reorganization, especially in the newspaper he founded Eugenio Scalvary Which provides incentives for journalists over the age of sixty. before Federico RambiniA reporter from the United States went to Corriere della Sera. In his place, director Maurizio Molinari took from the press Paolo Mastrollili, correspondent of the newspaper Turin in the United States.

At La Stampa instead, Paulo Grisri, decided to leave the position of Deputy Director a little more than a year later, having spent his life at Repubblica. In his place, the director decided Massimo Giannini, Taken by ad personam Annalisa Cuzzocrea, Political signature of the republic.

“When you start something new, you say thank you,” Cuzzocrea, who recently got into an argument with Giorgia Meloni, wrote in a Twitter post. “Thank you to the whole republic that is home”. Thanks also to Maurizio Molinari and new employer Giannini for “putting her to a new challenge”. Born in 1974, Annalisa Kozukeria Graduated from La Sapienza in Foreign Languages ​​and Literature With a thesis on George Orwell and Arthur Koestler. Urbino majored in journalism and started her journalistic activity as a collaborator at Repubblica.it.


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