Trois opérations de filtrage avaient été menées dans des dépôts Tisséo jeudi 16 septembre 2021 : le trafic des bus avait été perturbé à Toulouse
Three liquidations took place in Tisséo warehouses on Thursday 16 September 2021: bus traffic was disrupted in Toulouse (© Toulouse News/Anthony Osaimat)

Monday 4 October 2021 Tisséo network in Toulouse It was severely disrupted by the strike.

if turbulence It does not affect the normally operating metro, this is not the case for many bus lines and two tram lines.

About fifty bus lines were affected

In detail, the operation of the two tram lines was disrupted, in fact, Tisséo announced this morning.

This is also the case for About fifty bus lines, including the nine Linéo lines in the conglomerate.

Network disturbance photograph Which moves continuously at the beginning of the morning.

These disturbances have been announced since Sunday on the Tisséo website.

Subcontracting in the viewfinder

At the origin of this call to strike were the CGT and FNCR unions opposing the subcontracting use of certain bus lines serving the Pink City and its surroundings.

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Search in detail for the lines affected by the strike movement on the Tisseo website.

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