Vorsicht, Fake: Angebliche AirPods 3 werden an unachtsame Kunden verkauft

Apple has yet to introduce the AirPods 3 and they will likely stay that way for a while. However, AirPods 3 models are already being sold to customers on various occasions. How could it be? Answer: Not at all. There are a lot of scammers in the business who are selling real fakes deceptively.

AirPods 3 are expected to last for a long time. In fact, it has long been expected that Apple will introduce the new generation AirPods in March, but in April at the latest. But now everything indicates that Apple will delay the launch of AirPods 3 until the last quarters of the year, as mentioned in a previous report.

However, the new AirPods 3 are already announced on various occasions online, and yes, they are already available for purchase. Is it possible with the right things?

The answer is as clear as it is realistic: No! In fact, photos of the alleged AirPods 3 models recently appeared frequently on the network, which were shared on TikTok or Twitter, for example. Some of these things seem deceptively real, just as we currently expect AirPods 3: in the design of the AirPods Pro.

Fakes can be dangerous

But aside from the fact that customers are usually very disappointed with the sound quality and compatibility with their Apple products, the supposedly original products on the cheap can also be dangerous. All AirPods users or other TWS users carry a small size battery in their ear, which may injure the wearer if the materials used are of poor quality. This is why, among other things, Apple cracked down on falsifying its catalog on Instagram last year, Apfellike.com reported. These have the potential to damage the reputation of your own brand.

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