Avenida 55, establecimiento ubicado en la ciudad de Logroño. (Twitter)

Mexico City /

When you go to a coffee shop, you want to be surprised by the taste of their products and not exactly from their discounts, as in 55 . StreetIt is a facility located in Logroño, Spain It went viral due to its rare promotions.

This place gained notoriety online after some customers shared their purchased tickets via Twitter, highlighting the Discounts “for the ugly” I will go Additional charges for ordering a dish without onions.

“I will confess one thing to you: the truth is that I do not like coffee with milk because the only time I asked for one, When I checked the bill I noticed I got a discount just for being uglyShared user Barboza (@justBarboza).

For his part, tweeter Pizarrín (@pizarrines) shared it. The cafeteria cost him 1 euro (about 23 pesos) to order one of their onion-free dishes.

What is more, 55 . Street He also charges a fee of 20 cents of Euro for “Divine techniques applied to coffee“.

Highlights that the person in charge of the place, Alberto Alvarez, said in a television interview “The idea came about because we were on Instagram and we saw that only beautiful people walked out of bars, and we said, “And where do ugly people go?“”.

“It was well received; at first one or two ugly ones came in, now we have to put in a limited capacity because there are more than 50 of us,” he added.


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