Emergencias en Bogotá

Colombia, especially Bogota, is experiencing days of heavy rain During the past weeks and on Saturday, April 30, several emergencies were reported in different sectors of the capital, as trees fell due to severe storms causing traffic problems on some roads.

According to a report Bogota Transit, the capital’s fire brigade They dealt with a situation at noon where a tree fell on the Transmileno Road on Caracas Avenue, at 69th Street elevation.

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In addition to this situation, there was another fall from a tree in the town of Chapinero on the Bogotá road. Destined for the municipality of La Calera.

In this latter case, traffic was affected, however, the firefighters were able to take care of the situation and fortunately no one was reported injured due to the falling tree.

Next to the waterfalls From trees in the sectors of the capital of civil aviation She also talked about significant delays in flights from Bogota, due to rain and wind that were recorded in the last hours.

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Delay in El Dorado

The civil airline is allowed to report that due to unfavorable weather conditions in the vicinity of El Dorado International Airport in Bogota, air operations cause significant delays, with an average of 132 minutes.

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Of the 306 scheduled flights, 120 may be affected for the remainder of this afternoon and evening. The civil aviation company shall coordinate the necessary with the operators to minimize the impact on the users.

Passengers are advised to keep in touch with their airlines for possible changes to their itinerary.

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