The U.S. state of Arkansas on Monday vetoed legislation that would prevent transgender minors from accessing medical change, a rare exception to the Conservative attack on transgender people.

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The governor of this state, Asa Hutchinson, who is known on the Mississippi border and for its Christian conservatism, condemned the speech, saying it “causes more interference from the authorities” in the health of individuals.

“The government should not restrict itself to the right to intervene in all medical, human and ethical matters,” he told reporters.

By this law, Arkansas would have become the first U.S. state to ban minorities from identifying their access to birth sex, hormone therapies, or activities. Similar texts have been proposed in several states, including Alabama.

The ACLU, a powerful American civil rights association, welcomed the news and called the speech “dangerous.” He also called on the Republican-dominated Arkansas House of Representatives not to compromise on our security, as there is always room for this veto.

The governor of Arkansas considered the text to be the result of a “cultural war” that is currently dividing the United States.

However, he recently approved several bills, which critics say restrict transgender rights.

The latest goal is to ban transgender women from competing in sports. This question is of major concern to many American conservatives.

U.S. President Joe Biden has taken a stand on the issue, announcing on the first day of his decree an order aimed at “preventing and opposing discrimination based on gender identity or sexual orientation.”

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