The investigation is ongoing.

U.S.A third woman on Monday accused the New York state governor of inappropriate behavior, further weakening the position of this powerful elected Democrat who had already been sexually harassed by two former collaborators.

This young woman, 33-year-old Anna Ruch, told the New York Times that Andrew Cuomo asked her at a wedding in 2019 if he could kiss her, so he just shook her hand and put it behind her. “I was so confused, shocked, embarrassed,” he said daily. “I didn’t turn my head and speak.”

This testimony further complicates matters that have been criticized for more than ever after the 63-year-old governor became a national star for managing the epidemic in 2020.

This adds to the statements of his former economic adviser, Lindsay Boyle, 36, who said Wednesday that the governor kissed her on the mouth and suggested he play strip poker with her. .

Charlotte Bennett, a 25-year-old former aide, said on Saturday that the governor had made improvements in the spring of 2020 that had caused “asa fort charcoal.

One of the most powerful American governors, Mr. Cuomo tried on Sunday to calm the storm raised by these allegations, saying “sorry for saying the former” and misinterpreting it as “unsolicited flirtation”. The man, who has been running New York State for 10 years, promised that he would never want to make progress and would only want to “joke” or “tease”.

Mr. State Attorney Lydia James confirmed Monday that Cuomo has finally agreed to take charge of the trial, first proposing to a former judge who knows him well. “The results will be revealed in a public statement,” Ms James said without elaborating.

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