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Lewis ‘Pantera’ Nery and Brandon Figueroa faced at Dignity Healt Sports Park in Carson, California for the world titles at Super Lightweight. World Boxing Association (WBA) And the World Boxing Council (WBC). Likewise, the American stuns everyone after sending his opponent onto the board. Social networks exploded from the start, everyone gave Pantera the winner.

Brandon Figueroa achieved the victory after defeating Louis Neri at the World Superweight titles
Brandon Figueroa achieved the victory after defeating Louis Neri at the World Superweight titles

Lewis Neary – Brandon Figueroa Live: Accidents

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After a short while under the tutelage of Eddie Renoso and the team Canelo Alvarez, The Neri “tiger” He comes to this fight with a record of 31 victories, 24 by knockout and comes from a title CMB Against Aaron Alameda by unanimous decision in September 2020.

“This will be one of the most important battles of my career. I will win this battle in an amazing way. I train hard every day to ensure victory on May 15th. This is my moment to make history for Mexico.”, He said Neri.

While, Brandon Figueroa, Who holds the usual title With, Scored wins over Julio Sega and Damien Vázquez in the first two title defenses. Previously, the American indicated that it would be an equal battle.

“I know Lewis is coming to fight. I can’t trust myself. I will pressure and take advantage of my advantages. I respect him as a boxer, but we’ll see his stamina over the weekend.”, Announced Figueroa.

Where to see the fight of Luis Nery vs. Brandon Figueroa?

The battle between the Mexican and the American will be broadcast on ESPN Knockout for Mexican and Latin American territories. While in the US the show continues on Showtime.

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What time will Luis Nery vs. Brandon Figueroa?

  • Colombia, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Ecuador: 9:00 pm
  • United States and Venezuela 10:00 pm
  • Argentina, Uruguay, Chile and Brazil: 11:00 pm

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