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The president-elect (only 35 years old) received 55% of the vote when the vote count passed two-thirds. It promises to break with the policies of its predecessors. Far-right rival admits defeat

Chile turns left. Coalition candidate Gabriel Borek, 35 I agree to dignity (Left) defeated opponent Jose Antonio Castel Christian Social Front (far right). he walked youngest head south america country, The first of the millennial generation. He said in a phone call with outgoing President Sebastian Pera that he would be Chile’s president for all Chileans and would not just rule within four walls. Borek will enter Officially in office on March 22 Next year. In the meantime, he had already abandoned Barricadero’s appearance, full beard and shaggy hair, which he did not leave even after being elected MP at the age of 27.

Waiting for the result continued much less than expected, because the confrontations announced this evening quickly gave way A gap of ten percentage points (55.86% vs. 44.14%).. Thus, half an hour after the polls closed, at 6.30 pm local time (11.30 pm in Italy) Controversial right-wing leaderOf German descent and son of a Nazi, Admitted defeat“As of today, the new president of Chile deserves all our respect,” Caste said. Soon, Beira also called Borek: I am sure that you would give your best, he would have told him.

Thus ends a highly tense and polarizing electoral challenge that saw the two opponents face off nonstop to the end. 15 million Chileans called to the polls In the end they chose the former student leader who has been leading since 2014 a left-wing coalition that combines wide front and the Communist Party. He presented himself as a man of change and the political heir to the 2019 movement that, before the outbreak of the pandemic, led tens of thousands of young people to protest against Beira’s ultra-liberal policies. The massive demonstrations in the fall of that year resulted in violent clashes with the police and the killing of about thirty people.

For the first time in three decades, the powers that be ruling the country – i.e. Chile come and the previous Concertacin – He did not come with a candidate in the presidential ballot. Borek had the support of ex-president Ricardo Lagos and Michelle Bachelet in the last duel. His left will be very different from the one that has alternately ruled Chile with the right since the end of General Pinochet’s dictatorship in 1990. Certainly For his government to distance itself from the economic policies of the last center-right executive, which has turned Chile into a kind of laboratory of radical liberalism.

Caste took the lead in the first round of the presidential election, but his extreme positions — he praised Pinochet on several occasions — frightened the center and the moderate right. For his part, Borek played down the accusations of wanting to follow in the footsteps of Venezuelan Chavismo and instead managed to bring together not only the young and the less affluent classes but also the middle class and the intelligentsia, proposing a new model of luxury. State, with a strong development of the welfare state, taxation of the super-rich and the fight against inequality.

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