Volunteers at work to eliminate them

protests –

The situation provoked eloquent comments from residents of the capital. Residents are angry and target the mayor

Ann Hidalgo

. On social networks, more and more users – just as with the rubbish issue in Rome – share photos of bins surrounded by rubbish. Everyone signs town first. For his part, the deputy mayor

Emmanuel Gregoire

He responded to the comments by animal rights adviser Markowicz, saying that these statements “are an expression of his thoughts and do not in any way represent the Paris City Council.”

To remember the danger of rodents roaming the city, even the National Academy of Medicine: “Paris, like Marseille, is now among the most endemic cities in the world – he said in a note – leptospirosis is a disease that can be transmitted in contact with mouse droppings.”

Volunteers at work With bags of dry ice and metal nets, the residents of the 17th arrondissement, one of the neatest and most rodent-ridden areas, took to the streets to exterminate the rats. Citizen volunteers, authorized by the county, recruited a real team. They organized patrols to free the parks and squares from the storeroom.

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