Wales (3-0): Conde, first successful and 'option' on the right

By Nicholas Le Guardian, Special Correspondent

Girondin celebrated his first pick on Wednesday against Wales with a super clean run at centre-back where he could challenge Leo Dubois. Didier Deschamps commented: “It was like what he does”

It was predictable: At 22, and barely more than three years after his professional debut, former Girondin Jules Conde celebrated his first pick in Nice on Wednesday against Wales. Less expected, the Sevilla centre-back came back in the first half in place of Benjamin Pavard, on the right side. A common point with Al-Shamali who has held this position since 2018: It is also a training center. “It was important to be able to give him time to play because he was the only one who was never with us,” coach Didier Deschamps commented at a press conference. I made that choice there because I already saw him playing for his club in that position. He is comfortable. This is not to take anything away from Leo Dubois, but I also took him for the sake of this variety. He does it well.”

If he has never played for Girondins in an official match, he played there matches with the reserve, his first friendly match with L1 was against Neuer in July 2017 and he played a hybrid role where he played in the defensive stage. With Paulo Sousa. With the Seville club, he appeared there … three times.

“has the size”

In any case, the Landiranais managed a clean performance. The author of the recovery rush, achieving the second goal (48), was almost a crucial pass for Karim Benzema in the third goal, but the post was sent to Ousmane Dembele (79). Between the two, he at first seemed reluctant to take his course and then became more daring, not passing the ball at his foot but trying to play fair. Less surprising in defensive terms, he was decisive against Gareth Bale after Lloris stopped (74) and went out without an error. “He was like what he does: calm even though he made a big move at the end. A lot of times when the center back swings, there is no defensive problem. He also has the size, he is comfortable with the ball. Some crosses.” His versatility and debut made him in any case on time as his first goal would be on the 23rd of the scoring sheet in the Euro debut against Germany on June 15th.

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