Weather report.  Hurricane Bernard hits Morocco and the Iberian Peninsula.  Sunday with strong bad weather and winds of 100 km/h « 3B Weather
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Hurricane Bernard as seen from satellite
Hurricane Bernard as seen from satellite

A deep vortex of low pressure quickly crossed the Atlantic Ocean over the weekend, passing over the Azores and approaching the Strait of Gibraltar in the final hours. This is a hurricane named Bernard, with a strength of at least 990hPa and surrounded by gusty winds Wind speed reaches 100 km/h off northwest Morocco. The nucleus of the most severe weather conditions associated with it is located in its northern outskirts, where very intense showers and thunderstorms pour into the open sea, but within the next few hours they will reach southern Portugal, generating Extreme adverse weather conditions in the Algarve.

Heavy rain and thunderstorms will move into western Spain by this evening During the next night in the northern part of the Iberian Peninsula, until it reaches the Bay of Biscay and then crosses France during the day on Monday. There will be no shortage of rain and showers up to the Atlantic coasts of Morocco in the next few hours, although they will be less frequent, but It will intensify on Monday as most of Morocco’s hinterland will face rain and thunderstorms.

Southwest winds reaching speeds of up to 100 km/h will sweep the Strait of Gibraltar until this evening.Which caused storms on the Portuguese coast, the coast of southern Spain, and the Atlantic side of Morocco. Strong southerly winds are also expected next night in the central hinterland of Spain and tomorrow in the Gulf of Leon, in this case also with the possibility of storms.

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Over the course of Monday, Bernard will tend to consolidate with the British low and Tuesday You will be able to engage Italy As the weather condition worsens, starting in our northern regions, and extending in the following days to the central and southern regions.

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