What would happen if Zelensky was killed or captured?  American plan

The United States is considering a plan for ‘After Zelensky’: to say that it is the New York Times that explains how the Americans devise a strategy, to ensure an independent government, in the event that the Ukrainian president is captured or killed. .

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United State They were studying a plan in case he was the president of UkraineVolodymyr Zelensky will be killed or captured. This was revealed by the New York Times. According to the American newspaper, which cites many internal sources, American officials are working on a plan that can somehow guarantee “line of succession” In Ukraine, in the case of Zelensky’s killing by Russian forces.

The goal is to ensure an independent Ukrainian government

The goal of Americans, of course, is insurance Ukrainian independent form of government Especially in the event that the Russian government establishes its own puppet government in Kyiv. That Zelesnky being Target Number One is all too obvious and almost taken for granted. Only a few days ago, the newspaper claimed that in the past week the Ukrainian president survived at least three attempted attacks. Too many. According to the British newspaper, both mercenaries of the Wagner Group (backed by the Kremlin) and the Chechen special forces were responsible for his killing.

Zelensky would have survived three attacks

The Ukrainian leader, for now, will be in Kyiv. This was confirmed by Ukrainian channels two days ago. Confirmation arrived in response to the news circulated by the Russians, According to Zelensky he was in Poland: “The occupiers spread another fake, saying that President Volodymyr Zelensky has left the country. This is not true, the president is in Kyiv with his people.” The capital has been besieged for several days, but it seems that the Ukrainian forces have been able to stop the advance of the Russian forces.

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